The Zista Arts Society is a non-profit organization that highlights the fusion of South Asian and Canadian culture. Zista aims to promote and support a variety of art forms, including music, dance, art, photography and cuisine, to name a few. The hope we have is to expose the beauty of South Asian culture, to the new generation, while bringing a community together.

Mission Statement:

Zista Arts Society strives to support and feature contemporary South Asian art and culture.

Our goal is to explore South Asian art and culture in a modern setting. The events we produce  will be compelling representations of the creativity and collaboration occurring in this dynamic and ever-changing community. We also endeavour to shed light on artists attempting to bridge their traditional heritage with their current cultural experience.


Creating contemporary displays of South Asian art and culture for the community.


Meet the Zista Team

Anand Kapur, President

Aneesha Dev, Vice-President

Rohini Kapur, Director

Mandy Lalli, Events Director

Tej Hunjan, Artistic Director

Santosh Naidu, Artistic Director

Kavita Mathura, Events Co-Ordinator

Rina Vijay, Secretary